Monday, October 10, 2011

I've Done It!

Yes, I have done it - turns out, when I set my mind to accomplishing a task, I can actually do it!

In my past posts I've talked about how I want to re-do my room completely and (more importantly) start my own feather business. Well guess what my loverlies,  I did both those things!

My feather business is called Feathers With Love by Jessica Loren. and I came up with that obvious name all on my own. Which reminds me, I have a friend who wants to start her own business and she's having trouble finding a name for it, so she's asking people what they think she should name it. Honestly, I think if you are going to have your own business, you should try and come up with a name for it yourself.
As cheesy as the name of mine is, I love it and wouldn't have liked it if someone else named it, because after all, my business is a reflection and extension of me.

Here's the page on facebook >

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Bottled Affair

A party must be made with the appropriate materials (menu, location, guest list), tailored to the occasion (theme) and topped off with the perfect finishing touches. Thoughtful decoration details add an unexpected luster to an otherwise ordinary event. The idea is as simple as it is lovely: hanging glass bottles with flowers in them from twine as party d├ęcor. I instantly fell in love with this...

Putting these pretty hanging bottles together is very simple…

Here's what you will need...
  • twine
  • vintage glass bottles (you can pick these up at your local flea market)
  • fresh cut flowers
  • scissors 

  1. Measure and cut twine according to the height of the area you will be hanging the bottles from. I think hanging them at or slightly below eye level is most effective. Make sure you leave a little extra slack, about 8 inches on each end, for tying. 
  2. Tie one end of the twine onto the neck of the bottle.
  3. Fill the bottle with as much water as you like. I think it looks best when you vary the amount from bottle to bottle…  
  4. Cut and place your flower into the bottle. I love the idea of mixing different types of flowers, but keeping them all the same color. 
  5. Hang the flowered bottles from a sturdy beam or slat. 

Whether you’re planning a big party or a simple brunch, these hanging bottles will add the perfect touch of pretty to any event.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I heart my feathers

HeLLoooo my loves,

Alright! so here's what I'm obsessed with ... MY FEATHERS (in my hair). Seriously - I love them. Especially because I can wash, straighten, curl and blow dry them!
in my hair i have a purple/black striped feather, a yellow/black striped, white/black striped, pink/black striped, an orange and a teal feather.

Here are some links to where you can get your feathers:

If those don't work you may have to check or ebay... they're in really high demand right now. The fashion industry had bought them all out! But there's bound to be more companies catching on to this niche soon!

How to install them yourself >

I'll let you know where and when I get new ones! I'm searching for some right now! 

I was even thinking about starting up my own feather business... what do you think!?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Are you really studying for exams?

Ok, well I know you're not actually studying for exams :)

I have some excellent background music for you - Fleet Foxes is where it's at ladies & gents

Here's a playlist that you'll all love;

Bright Colours for Summer

Hello my lovelies,

Ok I'm so tired of people saying - the new trend for summer is floral ... ok it's summer we get it, there's flowers outside, so you can wear them on your clothes too (unlike fall/winter) but floral for spring/summer is a given. STOP saying it's a trend.
You wanna know what the real trend is this summer - it's BRIGHT COLOURS! So here's my advice for you this summer. Think bright solids!

Check it out my inspiration:

The Skinny on Bikini Season

ROMPERS AND BIKINIS! It's that time of year again lovers,

This is by far my favourite time of year because us ladies get to wear our super cute itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny yellow polka-dot bikini's! SO I thought I would share with you what my favourite places are to buy bathing suits and what my favourite styles are;

1. Favourite website to buy bikinis from: Victoria Secret (Beach Sexy are my particular favourite)

2. Second favourite website to buy bikinis from: Delias;jsessionid=E8EC25253DF4A23A52D3090F88B10997.worker4?categoryKey=swim&topnavTrack=swim&incmpid=TopNavOuterwear

I just ordered this bathing suit a couple weeks ago from Victoria's Secret and I LOVE it.. it's so much brighter in person!

And these are the ones I just ordered! so excited to see them!

Now, ROMPERS ... my favourite place to buy rompers is Winners; I have a little bit of an addiction to buying them. Here's my favourite one:

...with a jean jacket, boho hair and feathery earings - life is complete.

Plus they're really in right now

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Magnificent Interiors.

Here are some amazing rooms that I absolutely love!...

I was thinking of re-doing my bedroom, and these pictures are kind of the style i'm going for ... if anyone has any furniture stores, paint colours etc to offer me, I would appreciate it! ...
p.s. more to come my lovelies.