Wednesday, March 2, 2011

American Idol so far...

Over- all (so far) the guys were WAY better than the girls...
but tonight Lauren Taylor was awesome, she chose a really good song I think for her voice.. but I think she should sing something by Christina Aguilera

Ashton Jones was also good, but I think she should have chosen a different song .. like something from Beyonce.!

Haley Reinhart did a great job with her song (despite what Randy said) and I love her, she's soo cute.

Thia Megia is one of my favourites and I was really disappointed with her performance, she SHOULD have sung something by Adele :/

Lauren Alaina was really good, but I still think she could have picked a better song .. maybe it's just because I have high expectations of her :/ But honestly, probably one of the best performers tonight.!

Pia Toscano .. I wasn't a fan of hers .. but now I am.. she chose the PERFECT song for her vocal capabilities! 

Karen Rodriguez was thee WORST performance of the night in my opinion ...


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